Just Rinse Me Off

What’s more frightening — A singing basket of fruit or pesticides? Lucy is learning how to Give A Crop with a little help from a chorus of afternoon snacks.

Dr. Savage’s Agronauts

There’s a lot of misconceptions about pesticides out there, but luckily Dr. Savage is on hand to explain the facts about eating your fruits and vegetables. It’s science!

Comin’ Up Roses

On this week’s episode, Rose’s science class experiment goes awry when her garden becomes the most popular lunch spot for neighborhood pests. Worried her pesticide free plants will earn her a failing grade, she turns to Uncle Steve for advice.

Street Beet

Hitting the streets of the Nation’s Capital, our very own Leah McGrath is passing out produce and talking to real people about pesticides and GMO’s.

Friendly Advice

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and blight is a little friendly advice.

The Stylist

Whether you're growing soybeans, or trimming bangs, Some tools are just too essential to work without.

The Carpenter

The finest woodwork is the marriage of great skill and the right tools. The same goes for a delicious watermelon.

The Chef

In the kitchen or in the field, results may vary when your tools aren’t suited for the job.

Office Pest

They may not have cause to fire him. Yet. But Gary in HR isn’t standing between America’s farmers and the pests who eat their crops.

Game On!

With the Emerald Ash Borer on the loose, America needs all the bat huggers it can find.

Know Your Pest

In our fields and in our homes, victory means vigilance!

Wild Oats

Want future generations to #GiveaCrop? Make sure you have the talk.

Party Animal

If Tiki torches were formulated to ward off party crashers, you’d never let the wicks go dry.

A Pest for all Seasons

Just like crop protection, a well-informed electorate keeps the political field healthy and productive.

Catfished Corn

A pest will do just about anything to get in your plants. Thankfully, Farmers have crop protection!

Farm Fresh Facts

Today’s prize is a healthy, sustainable food supply, and American Ag is in it to win it.


Crop protection, when used as part of a balanced pest management plan, does a farmer good.

Ag Jobs

With over 915 million acres of farmland to protect in the U.S., there’s always room for more experts in the field.

Pesty Technology

Pests adapt fast. So agricultural professionals adopt early.