The #GiveACrop network was developed to start a conversation about the necessity and importance of pesticides to farmers. With a little humor we hope to get more people interested in learning about this complex and serious topic. We all need to eat. But less than 2 percent of the U.S. population is involved in agriculture. That’s why we think it’s a really big deal to make sure conversations about environmental health and human safety include facts established by sound scientific studies.


#GiveaCrop. It’s more than a hashtag. It’s the satisfying crunch of spreading the word about pesticides. Whether you’re a proud grower or a satisfied shopper, when you #GiveaCrop you’re saying that you care about the facts and the science behind them. So go ahead, take a harvest selfie. Show us your bumper crop. And tag it like you mean it.

About Croplife America

CropLife America (CLA) advocates for and promotes the responsible use of innovative, safe and environmentally sound crop protection products (including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides) that are essential in the production of food, fiber and renewable or alternative fuels. Our vision is to increase awareness and advance policy that highlights the vital and necessary role of pesticides in protecting public health; enhancing our environment and biodiversity; and meeting the food and nutritional needs of billions of individuals.

CLA provides legislative and regulatory advocacy, legal support and communications outreach so that our member companies can provide the agricultural products and technology that are behind our safe food supply, and that reduce risks from destructive pests and diseases. For more info, visit croplifeamerica.org